1. Almost too tired to unlock the front door, I can't believe the romantic setting waiting for me inside. "I missed you," my husband says. He tears off my clothes & our lips explore each other like never before. Tossed in his of desire, I say I do again & again.
  2. Jamie, my dear, I'm still not able to find any of your stories.
  3. When she exchanged vows in 1953, she trembled as her groom lifted her to claim her with his kiss. Her mother cried, her sister swooned. Exchanging vows with husband number 5, the only veil was the threat of not surviving her, but her kiss remained irresistible.
  4. Jermaine didn't think he was judgmental; he was born to be a critic. He found fault w/ models's looks, people's politics, & service at 5-star restaurants. His loneliness festered, but he never understood why people leveled guilty on his personality.
  5. Goddess was jealous of her beloved's gaze at the mortal. Her hollow heart plotted . Disguised as a dove, she stole the woman's thunder, so her mortal heart's lightning would be silenced. The God sought quiet light now that he could always hear her coming.
  6. Ms. Leary approached Alice at her easel. "Remember what happened last time?" "I do. I ." "After that, dear. Deep breaths. Stillness. The Muse whispers." In Ms. Leary's eyes, Alice saw vivid light and color. "Now pick up your paintbrush and see it on the canvas."
  7. "Tell us about the incident. Who was the ?" I shudder at the cop's question. "It wasn't supposed to go this way. She's my sister. Please don't tell my mom!" "What happened?" "It was just an April Fool's prank." "I see. The dr said she may wake up, maybe not. Hmph."
  8. The rumbling of Jake's voice made Allegra weak-kneed. She hated weakness, but all restless dreams of riding cross country on motorcycles were replaced with baby seats and a minivan. "Who am I?" she wondered. "Penny for your thoughts." "Uh," she smiled nervously.
  9. "Good morning, Jake." Nuzzling his 5 o'clock shadow, she held him tight. "Was last night a one-time shot for you?" "Not at all. I waited all my life for a chance to be w/ you." He stammered, "What about you?" "Normally I'd , but I want this moment to last forever."
  10. "Sound it out, EFFER," Mom said. "EFFAWR." "VESS ANT." "VESS ANT. What does it mean, Mommy?" "That's how to describe your smile." Mom smiled, her own mouth a canyon. Her sacrifice to put me thru private school yield the brightest smile I'd ever known.
  11. Whispers and murmurs came to an abrupt end inside the crowded auditorium as Dalai Lama took the stage. His robes the color of unforgotten blood caressed the floor, making him seem to glide. All our hope spread across his face, a of peace. Will we join him?
  12. "Wait for it. It won't be long, my love," I say ecstatically, turning up the volume to Ennio Morricone's The Falls. "This music will lift you to heaven." As the caresses my soul, my unappreciative cat rolls over, completely disinterested in my reverie.
  13. "What are you doing?" asked my teenager. "Writing a poem on darkness. I need a word that rhymes w/ hypnotic." "You and your poetry," he says dismissively. I found solace in black Ink so hypnotic But really it's your back That's the ultimate
  14. Michelle peered starry-eyed over Jermaine's shoulder into the sky. Electric w/ power, she wielded ancient magic to birth a new universe out of a black hole. He pressed her ear to his heartbeat, bringing her back to reality, which was all too for her.
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  17. The will remain forever out of reach until you overcome complacency at plateaus.
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    I completely agree. I have gave wonderful writers and learned a ton through
  19. My limbs ignore me & I'm drawn outwards, as though steam through a mesh. The sky cracks open, ringed in light, & I expect angels & harps, but I'm pulled through a darkened hole, ringed in blood. Screams & cackles, hisses & growls. If only I'd have...